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Re: [LUG] Laptop problem


On 07/12/17 12:59, Neil wrote:

> Well, early on we had just one computer, shared. So no need for SSH.
> Later we did indeed have one each, but I have always treated them as
> separate entities, so have never considered linking then in any way.
> Obviously I have been missing out somewhere.

Well, to be fair, if you've never needed it or felt the lack of it
before you genuinely haven't missed out on anything - it's going to be
super-useful for accessing and hopefully fixing your mischievous laptop
though. Personally, like most *nix admins I imagine a world without SSH
and shudder in horror. I'd actually have to prise my lazy arse from my
seat and go to the server room when something needs attention - which
would be inconvenient since half of the stuff I look after isn't even in
the same continent.

> As for the router, since I remember the wifi password, why do I need to
> be able to get into it?

I know right?! I mean I lost all my house keys years ago and the doors
and windows are all boarded up but luckily there's always someone else
home to let me in! ïããÂï

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