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Re: [LUG] Laptop problem


On 05/12/17 15:27, mr meowski wrote:

I can never remember what weird distro you happen to be using at any
given time but aren't using some random Debian derivative at the moment?
Is it "Linux Lite"? Which I think is technically Ubuntu. So with that in

Yes, Linux Lite 3.6.

I have just noticed that, on the laptop ifconfig does not mention eth0. It does use wifi to connect to the internet, but when I try

ifconfig eth0

I get the message that the device is not found. Weird.

How can it connect successfully to the internet via wifi without using eth0? I must be going nuts.

I will check the laptop downstairs (the one causing problems) and the mini laptop I also use and see what ifconfig produces there. Results to follow,


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