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Re: [LUG] Laptop problem


On 05/12/17 19:27, Neil wrote:
On 05/12/17 15:27, mr meowski wrote:

I can never remember what weird distro you happen to be using at any
given time but aren't using some random Debian derivative at the moment?
Is it "Linux Lite"? Which I think is technically Ubuntu. So with that in

Yes, Linux Lite 3.6.

I have just noticed that, on the laptop ifconfig does not mention eth0. It does use wifi to connect to the internet, but when I try

ifconfig eth0

I get the message that the device is not found. Weird.

How can it connect successfully to the internet via wifi without using eth0? I must be going nuts.

I will check the laptop downstairs (the one causing problems) and the mini laptop I also use and see what ifconfig produces there. Results to follow,


Is it using system.d? That maps eth0 to something else.. mine is enp0s10. Try just ifconfig and see what that returns.


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