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The Devon and Cornwall GNU/Linux User Group is for anyone who uses – or is interested in using – Free, Libre and Open Source Software. The group is made up of a wide range of people from home users to professionals and between us we have a wide range of experience and knowledge. Please feel free to join our discussion mailing list, or chat with us on IRC (chat). The Torbay meetings are now part of the Raspberry Pi jams as these are arranged by members.


BYOD Mitigating risks

Just found this on the spirent website,  it seems interesting esp as
this has been brought up before.


Hope this helps start a discussion and helps formulate policies where
BYOD can work

Seems quite an important issue,  keeping the integrity and secruity of a network up to date and safe
while at the same time ensuring users can bring their own deviecs and connect and keep working in or out of the office / workplace etc

Exeter Raspberry PI jam – Feb 2015

The next Exeter Raspberry Pi jam will take place on Saturday 7th Feb 2015,  10 – 12 at Exeter Library.


For more information, please contact Simon Belshaw at the library,  If there is another PI work shop please also get in touch as you need to book for this.

In other related news,  Digital Eagles in Barclays Exeter are holding coding / sessions (this is different to coder dojos)   in the form of digital playground

So if you have or know any children who may want to give this a go,  get in touch.

Mini-Debconf in Lyon, France. April 11-12, 2015


The Debian France association[1] is proud to announce the next
Mini-DebConf[2][3]! This year's event will take place on April 11-12 in Lyon
and it's kindly hosted by the "Maison Pour Tous-Salle des Rancy"[4].

All Debian enthusiasts from far and wide are welcome to gather and
talk about the latest Debian changes, meet new people from the Debian
community and of course, meet again old friends.

This Mini-DebConf will also be at a perfect time to celebrate the release
of Jessie 

If you're planning to attend, please add yourself in the wiki [3].

If you're interested in presenting a talk, holding a BoF, workshop, etc.,
please drop us an email at minidebconf@france.debian.net

On the behalf of the organization team

[1] http://france.debian.net/
[2] http://france.debian.net/events/minidebconf2015/
[3] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/fr/2015/Minidebconf
[4] http://epn.salledesrancy.com/evenements/mini-debconf-debian/


Bonjour � tous,

L'association Debian France [1] a le plaisir de vous annoncer la
prochaine Mini-Debconf [2][3] !
Cette ann�e, l'�v�nement aura lieu les 11 et 12 avril � Lyon et
est h�berg� sera h�berg� par la Maison Pour Tous-Salle des Rancy [4].

Au cours de celui-ci, les d�veloppeurs, les contributeurs occasionnels
ou plus g�n�ralement les utilisateurs provenant de toutes parts se
retrouveront afin d'�changer sur les derniers changements survenus
dans Debian, de la communaut� en soi ou pour rencontrer des anciens
ou nouveaux amis.

Cette mini-debconf sera �galement le parfait moment pour c�l�brer
la sortie de Jessie 

Si vous souhaitez y assister, merci de vous ajouter dans le wiki [3].

Si vous souhaitez faire une pr�sentation, organiser un BoF, un atelier,
etc., merci d'envoyer un email � minidebconf@france.debian.net.

Au nom de l'�quipe d'organisation.

[1] http://france.debian.net/
[2] http://france.debian.net/evenements/minidebconf2015/
[3] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/fr/2015/Minidebconf
[4] http://epn.salledesrancy.com/evenements/mini-debconf-debian/

January 2015 Pi jam

Another pi jam today which went well,   We had the 3 young people come along who are more serious hard core hackers so get on really well with each other

At present to get a laptop or PI to connect to the network we need to connect to the Libary wifi and enter a UID password then agree to the terms in a browser window

We tried to see if there was a different way to do this with a wifi router acting as a bridge so 4 laptops could connect to the router and that would provide a bridge between the wifi and the 4 wired Ethernet ports.

This didn’t seem to work 100 percent even though I did see the wifi router on my net book with 100 percent signal strength, compared to about 74 percent for the library wifi,  So this project will carry on next month probably.

In another project they young people had a multi player mine craft game set up using the Pis.

Using the Model B for anything reminds you that if you plug and unplug things it can reset due to power issues,.

Jonathan who is an IT apprentice also came along to support and help and said he would ask about if there are any solutions to the wifi / network connectivity so that  we can connect easier.

We had Raymond and his wife drop in for a chat and I showed them the DVD I am working on to explain about Creative commons / free software  and the 4 freedoms.

Myself and Jonathan also helped Melvyn with his new phone and to check to see if it would charge when plugged in to his net book.

One of the visitors from last month came back and asked about suitable monitors etc so I advised him on a few options.  including using a TV which i suggested is a good option if you want to use the media centre software.  Some TV’s also have the VESA connectors at the back to which pi’s can be attached.

Photos are available on Mediagoblin


The next jam is on 14th February