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The Devon and Cornwall GNU/Linux User Group is for anyone who uses – or is interested in using – Free, Libre and Open Source Software. The group is made up of a wide range of people from home users to professionals and between us we have a wide range of experience and knowledge. Please feel free to join our discussion mailing list, or chat with us on IRC (chat). The Torbay meetings are now part of the Raspberry Pi jams as these are arranged by members.


Torbay Pi jam – 13-12-2014

Another pi jam today and it went very well highlights as follows

We helped on visitor get up and running and ended up re-creating an sd card with raspbian (1)on in order to get the Pi up and running.  In the end Tom got everything up and running, with some help from myself as I seem to have an array of adapters and other bits and pieces which always seem to come in handy.   Including various images on my netbook.

Our younger visitors were busy with various projects  Arduino (6) hacking and getting Arch  (2) Linux up and running in a virtual machine, (Virtual box) (3))

I have loaned out my pi-liter (4) to one of the younger visitors so he can demonstrate at school

1.) http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/

2.) https://www.archlinux.org/

3.) https://www.virtualbox.org/

5.) http://shop.ciseco.co.uk/pi-liter-8-led-strip-for-the-raspberry-pi/

6.) http://www.arduino.cc/

Support repositories for the pi liter




Which has some ladder board source code,  but should demonstrate the use of the GPIO.

You can also download the pi liter data sheet from the website http://shop.ciseco.co.uk/pi-liter-8-led-strip-for-the-raspberry-pi/

However you DO need to install python-pip with

sudo apt-get install python-pip

For some reason the data sheet instructions missed out this step.

The next Pi jam is on 10th January so if you get a Pi for Xmas come along and we can help you get started or show you what you can do with it.   We don’t BYTE :) and are happy to help.

Raspberry Pi in Space

The raspberry pi foundation are offering a chance to have your code sent in to space on 2 raspberry pi’s which will form part of science experiments on board the International Space station.  This will be open to all primary and secondary school aged children who are resident in the United Kingdom.

For more info check out the  post on the Raspberry Pi Foundation blog.


Holsworthy Meeting Nov 2014

Our next meeting is due this coming Saturday 15th November at the White
Hart starting at 2 pm. As I mentioned in an earlier email this is also
the day of  Holsworthy carnival. There is usually a procession for the
young people in the afternoon, but this year this has been cancelled.

Th carnival procession itself is due to start at 7 pm so there should be
not problem for us. I have booked the meeting. Hope to see someone

Exeter Raspberry Pi jam – 1/11/2014

Today was another excellent pi jam up in Exeter,  and well attended,  the word is getting out there.


Tom Brough demonstrated the parity bit trick and also had some coloured cones to demonstrate how a bubble sort works,  you can try this take about 8 cones of different sizes and put them randomly in a line now sort them one by one so the line goes from biggest to smallest.

I spent some time, with some help working on getting scratch to talk to the pi liter,  once done (not too difficult) we spent some time then creating a program that is the same as the chaser type program written in python.  This works really well,  further enhancements allows the user to interact, chance speed as well as stop / start the routine.

I also had a chat with another user who showed me his chromebook running lubuntu.  This was also connected to the Pi with vnc,  the performance was excellent.

Ivan was also showing various projects and we had minecraft running on another pi.  In the fab lab was the usual beginner work shop where you can learn to light up leds on a bread (project) board using the raspberry Pi GPIO

So in all excellent,   Looking forward to next week as it is the Torbay Pi jam from 1 – 3 at Paignton Library,   good news is that the 3 sd cards (well micro + adapters) arrived to day so these are all ready for next week,    I may look at preparing at least one with Noobs,  as this may save time next week.

Thank you to Simon and Exeter library for hosting another pi jam and everyone who attended.