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Re: [LUG] Laptop problem


On 06/12/17 16:50, mr meowski wrote:
And now you have SSH! How you've lived without this for 18 years makes
my brain hurt slightly. Especially considering the amount of issues you
tend to run into - this would have made your life so *SO* much easier.

You also seriously need to do something about that router - getting
locked out of it is not good.

Let us know how you get on.


Well, early on we had just one computer, shared. So no need for SSH.
Later we did indeed have one each, but I have always treated them as separate entities, so have never considered linking then in any way. Obviously I have been missing out somewhere.

I now have tested from the desktop to the laptop and it all appears to work. Now I will try the other way.

As for the router, since I remember the wifi password, why do I need to be able to get into it?


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