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Re: [LUG] 'failed to set time'


On 06/12/17 09:18, leloft wrote:
> I've been having rsync problems this week too: my backup script has run
> invisibly on a daily basis for the last year without issue.  I am now
> getting permissions and chgrp 'access denied' errors without any change
> of configuration on any of the machines involved.  My money is on rsync
> itself, but I'm guessing.  I'll post if I make any progress with it.

Really? The documentation and the source for rsync are trivially
available to read if you want to make sure...

My money is on your system having changed some permissions or group info
locally which is why your unchanged script has only just started
throwing errors. Sometimes package updates change umasks on directories
to unexpected values for example. Run rsnyc with extra verbosity and log
to a file, grep out the troublesome permissions and then either
investigate and fix them or lazily dump them to the excludes list and
call it a day.

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