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Re: [LUG] ISP problems??


On Sat, 2 Nov 2013, Neil Winchurst wrote:

I would never consider Sky for anything, or most of the other 'big boys'. BT, Talktalk etc.

Curiously enough, someone who works for BT (retail) who I've known for a some time was saying that the Infinity 2 product is properly unlimited. No throttling, no byte limit. However it may be contended but he was implying that it wasn't (within the BT retail network I presume)

Of-course the "big boys" all filter the connection and apply the IWF filter lists and suffer from the issue of having millions of customers, so customer support may well be somewhat sub-optimal at times... It seems that if you get a "goodun", then stick with it...

Personally, I'm not interested in speed - 4Mb will stream HD video off the BBC, although anything more is a bonus - I want low contention and good customer support - should I need it.

If I could afford £600/month I'd have a 100Mb leased line into my house... Sadly I can't, so i'll need to wait a couple of years for FTTP - which still goes through the contended BT Wholesale network.

ISPs go through phases - some acquire customers faster than they can upgrade their network. Some rely on this to fund the next stage of their network development, and I know from personal experience of running a broadband network that just 1 or 2 really selfish customers (24/7 P2P) can really upset the network for everyone else )-:

Sadly all ISPs who have to deal with BT have to deal with BT (wholesale, openreach) and therein lies most of the issues... Even the LLU ones still rely on openreach for the copper infrastructure, and as likely as not, they're paying BT for their backhaul from the exchange into their own kit elsewhere.

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