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Re: [LUG] ISP problems??


On 11/01/13 11:54, Neil Winchurst wrote:
> Recently I started a thread about my problems with the download speeds
> on my computer. The general consensus was that it was a problem with
> my ISP [1]. Well, I am still having speed variations, for example
> 31st October at 3.45 pm 3.7 Mb/s
> This morning, 1st Nov at 8.20 am 11.97 Mb/s
> Just now at 11.30 am 4.59 Mb/s
> During all this time the router is showing a download speed of over 14
> Mb/s and this is consistent.
> This is becoming ridiculous. So I have been searching for ideas and
> reviews about a reasonable ISP, preferably in the UK. The problem is
> that for every good review there is another bad one for the same ISP.
> I am getting just a little frustrated, so I am appealing to the group
> for some suggestions.
> There must be some good ones out there, surely??
> Neil
There is only one ISP I recommend, and not just for the reason of me
being an authorized distributor for them. http://www.smallerbills.info/ 
UK based customer service, UK based friendly technical support, and well

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