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Re: [LUG] ISP problems??


On 01/11/13 11:54, Neil Winchurst wrote:

Recently I started a thread about my problems with the download speeds on my computer. The general consensus was that it was a problem with my ISP [1]. Well, I am still having speed variations, for example

31st October at 3.45 pm 3.7 Mb/s

This morning, 1st Nov at 8.20 am 11.97 Mb/s

Just now at 11.30 am 4.59 Mb/s

During all this time the router is showing a download speed of over 14 Mb/s and this is consistent.

This is becoming ridiculous. So I have been searching for ideas and reviews about a reasonable ISP, preferably in the UK. The problem is that for every good review there is another bad one for the same ISP. I am getting just a little frustrated, so I am appealing to the group for some suggestions.

There must be some good ones out there, surely??


[1] My current ISP is fast.co.uk. I have been with them exactly 6 years and it is only during the last few weeks that this problem has appeared, from early September judging by my results.

Zen Internet. Not the cheapest but very reliable and excellent customer service


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