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Re: [LUG] ISP problems??


On 01/11/13 16:11, Simon Avery wrote:
Another vote for Zen.

We have five Zen adsl lines. Best service I've ever had. The only ISP I
recommend without any hesitation. Static IP and can ask for more too.

1 x swcomms line. It's okay, but relatively expensive.

1 x BE line. Bought before they would taken over by Sky, and so far it
hasn't changed. Cheap, uncapped, fixed ip, good. If it breaks, or Sky
get around to changing it to their system, I expect poor service.

2 x Talktalk lines. Dynamic, but incredibly cheap if you want line+adsl.
Uncapped and I've had no complaints. Supplied modem is a bit pants, but
you can fit your own. If you just want a pipe to squirt data along, it's

I do wonder if you're over-thinking it though. Do you actually NEED full
speed all the time? Is it noticable? Most of the above lines are below
3mbit (most ~2) with only one on fttc, and we supply whole offices with
them. Guess it's what you demand though. Maybe sitting back and
considering that option, instead of assuming a line MUST BE FAST ALL THE
TIME!! might save you some bother.

I am not worried about the speed per se. What is happening is that, when it gets slow, any video I try to watch, not necessarily in Youtube, but often of course, the video keeps stopping and starting and often just stops with an error message. So I move over from the desktop to my laptop with the same result, so it is not the computer.

I try another video with the same result. I try again later, perhaps an hour or so, and it is suddenly working again. Then I check and find that the speed has gone back to about 12 Mb/s.

Anything else I do just goes along quite happily. It was in fact this video problem which alerted me to the problem in the first place. As I said in a previous email, it may not be the ISP at all.


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