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Re: [LUG] ISP problems??


On 1 November 2013 16:29, Neil Winchurst <barnaby@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am not worried about the speed per se. What is happening is that, when it gets slow, any video I try to watch, not necessarily in Youtube, but often of course, the video keeps stopping and starting and often just stops with an error message. So I move over from the desktop to my laptop with the same result, so it is not the computer.

Fair enough and sorry, you had mentioned that already. I forgot.

I think we also discussed wifi-hijacking before, somebody stealing your bandwidth and checking everyone on your lan is off it, and checking throughput on your router if you can? (ie, download and upload byte counters aren't ticking along when you're not using it)

If not, then yeah, contention as recently discussed could be it.
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