Rebel Makers is a network of peer-to-peer making clubs for everyone who is interested in technology – regardless of age or ability. At our Clubs, Rebels get together to share existing knowledge and learn new skills in a fun, safe and collaborative environment, exploring anything and everything from electronics and programmable hardware, through to writing code, design, and media production.
The Torbay Tech jam is trying to tie-in with Rebelmakers  so that we can be work closer togethe,r offer more support / activities for anyone who attends the jams.  For this to work we really DO need more volunteers to sign up and help,  as myself and tom are struggling to do the jams as it is.

I am not sure what is possible so as a plan B I am looking to find other potential partners to work with them to run clubs for ALL ages and abilities in the heart of torbay communities so we can really bring together people with similar interest and develop a vibrant techy  / hobby community

Kevin From rebel labs who run rebel makers will be down in November so if anyone is interested please come along to the jam for a chat,  and lets see if we can get anything going in Torbay.  It would be really nice to be able to offer far more support to the people attending the jam than we are at the moment.

Please visit the tech jam site and get in touch for more information.

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  1. Paul Sutton Post author

    To add , Kevin from Rebelmakers is coming down on the 12th November to help get things started at the tech jam.
    If you are interested in attending OR would like your venue to get involved and run a rebel makers club then this would be an excellent opportunity to talk to Kevin directly and see what can be organised in Torbay.

    Lets inspire everyone to develop Technical skills and help younger people develop and enhance their skills for the future, by all working together, we all have something to learn and all have something to teach.


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