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Useful bashrc login script

This runs when you login from the login prompt OR when you start a gnome-terminal session (from Linux mint for example)

The following script

cowsay -f tux "Welcome to Linux Mint"
echo "Your IP address is: " `hostname -I`
uname -a



Produces something like the following

< Welcome to Linux Mint >
       |o_o |
       |:_/ |
      //   \ \
     (|     | )
    /'\_   _/`\
Your IP address is:
Linux psutton 3.13.0-37-generic #64-Ubuntu SMP Mon Sep 22 21:30:01 UTC 2014 i686 athlon i686 GNU/Linux
CPU~Dual core AMD Athlon II Neo K325 (-MCP-) speed/max~800/1300 MHz Kernel~3.13.0-37-generic i686 Up~7:4


The first part using cowsay is more of a fun greeter,   however producing information such as the users IP address (hostname -I) and system information (inxi) and uname -a  is more usefuf

The .bashrc file can be useful for lots of customization it is however hidden,  (due to the period prefix in the filename) so you may want to select show hidden files from the view menu.


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