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Plymouth Lug meet write up Sept 2016

The September DCLUG Plymouth meeting was held at Hush Coffee. For a
number of people, it was their first LUG meeting, and everyone seemed
to have a nice time. We had a demo of
the Pocket CHIP,
MoonReader, libreboot, i3wm,
and kubuntu. We talked about
Linux-related podasts (Bad
, GNU World Order,
, Linux
). We had an update on the Open Computing project at Plymouth
University, and we talked about some of the local events that had
happened recently,
including Code Club at
the civic library, Torbay
Tech Jam
the MiniMaker Faire at
. We also talked about open computing and open science –
includuing R and data publication. There was also interest in retro gaming on Linux,
including the text adventures Lost
Jigsaw, and the
documentary. Other retro computing topics
included: pico-8
and ZZT,
plus various emulation platforms
(Scumm, Doom, Playstation
, Spectrum,
and BBC Micro).


Rebel Makers is a network of peer-to-peer making clubs for everyone who is interested in technology – regardless of age or ability. At our Clubs, Rebels get together to share existing knowledge and learn new skills in a fun, safe and collaborative environment, exploring anything and everything from electronics and programmable hardware, through to writing code, design, and media production.
The Torbay Tech jam is trying to tie-in with Rebelmakers  so that we can be work closer togethe,r offer more support / activities for anyone who attends the jams.  For this to work we really DO need more volunteers to sign up and help,  as myself and tom are struggling to do the jams as it is.

I am not sure what is possible so as a plan B I am looking to find other potential partners to work with them to run clubs for ALL ages and abilities in the heart of torbay communities so we can really bring together people with similar interest and develop a vibrant techy  / hobby community

Kevin From rebel labs who run rebel makers will be down in November so if anyone is interested please come along to the jam for a chat,  and lets see if we can get anything going in Torbay.  It would be really nice to be able to offer far more support to the people attending the jam than we are at the moment.

Please visit the tech jam site and get in touch for more information.


The libre Embedded GNU/Linux Distro.

“libreCMC is a set of fully free embedded Operating Systems for general purpose computers. It aims to give its users freedom and control over the software that runs on their hardware. Most of the hardware that libreCMC supports includes a wide range of routers and some small single board computers.”

This looks interesting and perhaps can make a project for a tech jam to look at.  If anyone is interested perhaps chat at the jam or on IRC.

Event Update – 11/9/2016

 Upcoming events

Saturday 17th September – Torbay Tech jam. Paignton Library 12:30 to 15:30



 The next Plymouth Linux user group meeting will take place on

Sat 24th Sept, 12 noon, Hush Coffee, Plymouth. 

Please contact Andy Wills via the dcglug list if you need more information.


29th October 2016

Tickets for the big Rebelmaker camp in Birmingham are now available.

Tickets for the event in Birmingham can be obtained from here.


June / July Tech jam and Updates

The next tech jam will be on the 11th June and will be reduced in what is going on (no workshops from Tom) due to teh Torbay Air show.

Full details are on the Tech jam website.

The 11th June also sees the Cornwall Tech Jam,

I will update the planned activities page for July after the June jam.

Sat 4th June 2016 sees the usual Exeter Pi jam 10 – 12 at Exeter Library

18th June is the monthly Meeting up on Holsworthy at the White Hart, start time about 1:30, (see list for information)

Don’t forget you can chat to us on IRC port 6667 #dcglug

We have our own chat room for the tech jam which has been set up and is run by some of the young people who attend the jam. This is hosted on vltec but users are on both IRC servers.    There is a link on the Torbay Tech jam website for this.  We are also running our own Minetest server. so free free to ask for more information.

Further ahead the September Jam is 17th September which is also software freedom day, so any ideas or talks on free software welcome.

I have also been looking at scratch4arduino and have been making related blog posts on my website.   I am also in the process of putting together workshops / activities relating to this.

April Jam preview

This is a quick preview of the April Jam


We will also be chatting the Dystopia group about free software and they will be giving some information on barriers to using IT.  Hopefully this will inspire people to take peoples needs in to account when creating software,  website, hardware and even printed forms.    If you can give any advice with regard to Accessibility features this would be really useful.


April Events

2nd April
Rougemont room
Exeter Central Library
10 – 12

9th April 2016
12:30 to 15:30
Paignton Library
9th April Redruth

Sat 16th April

This should be the Holsworthy meeting at the White Hart,  please check with Neil W on the list.


There are several upcoming events.

Exeter Raspberry Pi jam – Saturday 6th February 2016

Cornwall Tech Jam  – Saturday 13th Feb 2016

Torbay Tech Jam – Saturday 13th Feb 2016

Software Cornwall also present a wide range of events please see their website for more information.

Aaron Moore is setting up a hack / maker type space in Cornwall – details here – Meet on the 2nd Sat of the month.

Ask on list for more information OR if there are any events you want to promote please let me know Paul Sutton via the list.

North Devon meeting.

The North Devon meeting for January is OFF.   Meeting for Feb Should take place as normal on Saturday 20th February 2016.   Please contact Neil Winchurst on the DCGLUG list for more information.

Any additional help in terms of promotion would be welcome.