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Re: [LUG] Security Thoughts


On 30/03/2017 10:22, Paul Sutton via list wrote:
> Clearly there are other means to communicate but if we can secure that
> we may start to make it harder for fraudsters 

1 Depends on what you want to secure.
2 If communications, then there are many options not accessible to some
agencies (e.g. protonmail.ch [which I use extensively for communication
to persons in sensitive areas.] Lavabit is back up, 'alpha' version; and

All of these require both parties to be competent in email usage.
Sometime using Linux system to avoid easy IP address tracking, TAILS etc.

3 If your own machines. Notes on theft of physical machine are given by

4 For those I set up, moving from Windows, I always ask their 'real'
needs. 'Ubuntu's can be set up with a root account password and root
access although su or sudo is more common.

For some who value security of root account with separate complex
password, I usually put them on OpenSUSE, with at least three users:
normal user  with limited options
for secure stuff operate from a USB KEY or small external hard disc
(with second OpenSUSE) available via GRUB2. Not a Live Linux.

This is never kept with computer.

I usually mail this to my destination beforehand  when traveling, or buy
and set up on arrival. (easy to carry ISO in luggage as DVD) This avoids
customs questions.

4.1 Some partition subsets of /home are encrypted, not all.
However I have not set up total system encryption, as if physical
possession obtained, encryption I think( very personal opinion) only
buys time not security

4.4 On travel I always use a separate disposable email (specific for
journey) if outside secure systems for routine emails.

Eion MacDonald

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