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Re: [LUG] Security Thoughts


On 30/03/17 09:09, Martin Gautier via list wrote:
> On 30/03/17 08:50, Neil via list wrote:
>> With all that is happening about surveillance and back doors in
>> programs etcetera, recently I am getting more and more concerned
>> about security.
>> I, my wife and daughter all use Linux. We are each the only user on
>> our own machines. When we log on the password we use is also the one
>> to use with sudo to become root. (We all use Xubuntu.) This has long
>> seemed to me to be a weakness in our security.
>> So I am wondering, wouldn't it be safer to have a separate root
>> password, different from the log on one? Then if someone, for
>> whatever reason, gets to know our log on password, they would not
>> also have our sudo password.
>> So, is that a good idea? Is is easy to do? Is it even possible? Any
>> thoughts/comments from anyone on the list?
>> Just wondering,
>> Neil 
> If someone has your password and direct access to your PC it's pretty
> much game over as far as security is concerned.
> Paul has already articulated my suggestions but you might want to add
> home directory encryption into the mix - that way your data is
> protected if your PC is taken but the password is not known.

Good point there,   it is another layer especially if you have a potable
device.  Out of interest if my netook is encrryped and I copy a file to
/ from say a usb flash disk,  does that file get encrypyed '/ decrypted
on the fly ?  

Not sure if it is worth using something like enigmail too to at least
sign e-mails  and eventually encrypt e-mails   keeps some things private.


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