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Re: [LUG] Security Thoughts


On 30/03/17 10:06, Martin Gautier via list wrote:
> On 30/03/17 09:29, Paul Sutton via list wrote:
>> Good point there,   it is another layer especially if you have a potable
>> device.  Out of interest if my netook is encrryped and I copy a file to
>> / from say a usb flash disk,  does that file get encrypyed '/ decrypted
>> on the fly ?
> That is my understanding
>> Not sure if it is worth using something like enigmail too to at least
>> sign e-mails  and eventually encrypt e-mails   keeps some things
>> private.
> Take a look at https://protonmail.com for the truly paranoid
Hmm, I am not that  paranoid, but looks like one option, gpg key signing
means we get people used to the idea of authenticating e-mail, i and
think about where or who that e-mail has come from.

Clearly there are other means to communicate but if we can secure that
we may start to make it harder for fraudsters  


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