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Re: [LUG] Security Thoughts


On 30/03/17 09:29, Paul Sutton via list wrote:

On 30/03/17 09:09, Martin Gautier via list wrote:

On 30/03/17 08:50, Neil via list wrote:
With all that is happening about surveillance and back doors in
programs etcetera, recently I am getting more and more concerned
about security.

I, my wife and daughter all use Linux. We are each the only user on
our own machines. When we log on the password we use is also the one
to use with sudo to become root. (We all use Xubuntu.) This has long
seemed to me to be a weakness in our security.

So I am wondering, wouldn't it be safer to have a separate root
password, different from the log on one? Then if someone, for
whatever reason, gets to know our log on password, they would not
also have our sudo password.

So, is that a good idea? Is is easy to do? Is it even possible? Any
thoughts/comments from anyone on the list?

Just wondering,

If someone has your password and direct access to your PC it's pretty
much game over as far as security is concerned.

Paul has already articulated my suggestions but you might want to add
home directory encryption into the mix - that way your data is
protected if your PC is taken but the password is not known.
Good point there,   it is another layer especially if you have a potable
Wow! Drinkable computers!
Tom te tom te tom hic

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