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[LUG] Soldering @ Paignton ... Re: Retro computers at the Paignton Tech Jam ...


On Fri, 17 Feb 2017, Paul Sutton via list wrote:

I am hoping to meet with the library manager later on,  so will ask
about soldering,   i need to ask about how we can store stuff from room
14, children's university and a few other things.

Ask about soldering demonstrations and supervised sessions. (Because that's what it would be).

I think if we had some wood it would protect the tables it only needs to
be a small piece of thin wood   so that is 1,   2) would be work near
the window, (you have ventilation,  and reduces the chance of the fire
alarms going off), so it makes sense) 3) we are doing this as adults
with experience so nothing is going to go wrong.

If the fire alarm(s) didn't go off when the Beeb caught fire, they're not going to go off when soldering. Ventilation really isn't an issue for casual soldering - even with leaded solder which I still use - the flux is a more immediate concern, but really, it's no big deal unless you work with it daily.

You do not get lead vapour (which is dangerous!) from soldering - that's not going to happen until over 450ÂC - typical soldering temperatures (for 40/60 solder) are closer to 320ÂC. The issue with leaded solder is that to the environment during waste disposal.

This is a good read on the subject:


The best thing you can do after a soldering session is to wash your hands. It's as simple as that.

As for table damage - It generally doesn't happen. Resin staining is a minor issue - but only if you solder directly on the table. Abuse by poking a soldering iron into the table is also an issue, but that's a management and class control issue, not a soldering issue. solder drops that fall onto a table cool almost instantly and do little, if-any damage. If you want to cover the table with anything, then some rubber or silicone sheets are all that's needed. (e.g. silicone oven liners!)

The biggest issue I've seen is complete and utter morons picking up the soldering iron the wrong way (Yes, I've seen it). Darwin will eventually see to these people, given time. A soldering iron is in your hand or in the holder, it's as simple as that.

Here's half an hour of me wittering on about soldering :-)


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