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Re: [LUG] Retro computers at the Paignton Tech Jam ...


On 12/02/17 21:45, Paul Sutton via list wrote:
> On 12/02/17 21:22, Gordon Henderson via list wrote:
>> On Sun, 12 Feb 2017, Paul Sutton wrote:
>>> I need to put a photo of that on the website in the mean time, there is
>>> a write up here http://torbaytechjam.org.uk/home/feb2017writeup next jam
>>> 11th March.
>> Cheers, Paul.
>> I'm thinking of bringing along some Arduino stuff next month and
>> demonstrate an alternative way to program them - if there's any interest.
>> (I've develped my own system that's completely independant of the
>> "Arduino" way of doing things - it uses standard Makefiles and my own
>> written from scratch task scheduller)
>> what's the isse with soldering? ie. Why can't we?
>> Gordon
> Sounds interesting,  I know they have a new IDE (software) and the Web
> based one,
> I think some of the young people are into arduino,  as well as harley,
> me, and Robin has one,  Sebastian has one if he comes.
> re soldering
> I am not sure if we are covered for soldering in the insurance, plus
> ideally we need a few bigish bits of wood or soldering mats so the
> tables don't get damaged.
Usually its a 'hot work permit' a la Health and Safety nonsense. I
brought my soldering iron down yesterday, and would have done anything
necessary in the boot of my car in the car park if necessary. It's the
usual way ....

I'll have the standard IDE using processing on my laptop if anyone
needs. I can even download via my phone if required.


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