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Re: [LUG] User Troubleshooting


On 29/01/2014 16:02, Simon Avery wrote:
> General computing ought to be taught in schools - and this includes use
> of popular word processing, etc. but the teaching should be /general/
> and not one application or OS specific.

Regrettably, the world of work for world wide businesses, usually needs
for desk bound staff  the ability to use a 'system' e.g SAP for all
internal commercial needs and other systems for manufacturing. The word
processing or spreadsheet bit is ancillary, as most communication is on
email. All incoming staff must be trained in internal systems so school
stuff is not even taken into account at hiring.
I am extremely unusual in that at a MS tied firm I use my own systems
(in my contract!) and refuse to use SAP ( a Kind Lady gets or inputs my
say 12 times per year data to/from SAP).
Eion MacDonald

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