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Re: [LUG] User Troubleshooting


On 29/01/14 10:07, Gordon Henderson wrote:

Funny? To some, yes, but actually... Who's fault is it that the customer
didn't understand (or interpret) the request correctly?

It's far to easy for us geeks to scoff at things like this, but
something happened to me about 34 years ago that made me realise not
everyone was as adaptable or willing to adapt to computers.

Agreed, we should not scoff but ...

we are talking here about people at work who are expected to use a computer as part of their job. Shouldn't they get at least some basic training in using a computer, or tested to make sure that they are sufficiently competent?

Imagine a similar scenario about cars.

Boss: we want you to make some deliveries for us.

Employee: But I can't drive.

Boss: Oh don't worry, you'll pick it up as you go along.

Yet I suspect this is too often what happens about working with computers.


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