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Re: [LUG] Install from source


On 10 January 2014 09:23, George Parker <georgeparker20@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I read that message to mean "./configure does not exist". If it means "file
> you're trying to configure does not exist" then it should say so. And
> usually that is the message in my experience.  I guess the devil is in the
> detail, that colon after ./configure.  (Goes off and sulks 'cos the big boys
> laughed at him)

it does mean exactly that "./configure does not exist", configure is a
file, in fact a file that contains a script that does a setup in a
typical autotools style build environment. You are not trying to
configure a file with a configure command, you are trying to run a
script called configure in the local directory, which in this case
does not exist as this particular project uses something else.

Something to note, some sources especially if you get them from
cvs/svn/git etc may use the autotool tools build system, but configure
may not yet exist as there may be some prerequisite steps that are
required that generate this file. The only way to know for sure is to,
as others have said, fine the README, INSTALL, or other instructions
that give a hint how to compile this code.


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