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Re: [LUG] Install from source


bad apple <mr.meowski@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 09/01/14 11:46, Gordon Henderson wrote:

What error message would you like it to print?

How about:

This file does not exist. I've tried to find it for you, but really,
it's not there, and I'm a computer, I know what I'm talking about.
If you want me to try again, I will, but really, the file is not there.
It is an ex-file, a file no more, it's gone to the great bit-bucket in
the sky (if it ever existed in the first place, which frankly, I doubt)
Retry, Abort or take up baking?


I, for one, would absolutely *love* it if my operating systems would
talk to me like that. Commonly seen in OpenBSD but not in any other OS I
know of by default, is the "insults" feature of sudo where it will abuse
you if you typo your password:


I once made the mistake of enabling that for a medical research lab in a
hospital and then had a huge spike in my security logging as the
post-grad students gleefully showed all their colleagues what happened
when they tried to sudo...


Gordon's reply really did make me laugh.

Sometimes I find the thing that frustrates me is getting told that something doesn't work. No error messages or anything just that it doesn't work.

Ho hum, I'm the same when it comes to cars, it's just making a noise.

I'll check those links out this evening :-)

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