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Re: [LUG] Install from source


On 09/01/14 11:46, Gordon Henderson wrote:
> What error message would you like it to print?
> How about:
>   This file does not exist. I've tried to find it for you, but really,
>   it's not there, and I'm a computer, I know what I'm talking about.
>   If you want me to try again, I will, but really, the file is not there.
>   It is an ex-file, a file no more, it's gone to the great bit-bucket in
>   the sky (if it ever existed in the first place, which frankly, I doubt)
>   Retry, Abort or take up baking?


I, for one, would absolutely *love* it if my operating systems would
talk to me like that. Commonly seen in OpenBSD but not in any other OS I
know of by default, is the "insults" feature of sudo where it will abuse
you if you typo your password:


I once made the mistake of enabling that for a medical research lab in a
hospital and then had a huge spike in my security logging as the
post-grad students gleefully showed all their colleagues what happened
when they tried to sudo...


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