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Re: [LUG] Fwd: UK 'misled' on broadband speeds


On Tue, 2010-07-27 at 14:49 +0100, Gordon Henderson wrote:

> > Are there any better deals around on packages over 100GB-150GB per month
> > that anyone has noticed ?
> There's the issue - you want the lot, but aren't willing to pay for it...
> If you want an ISP that actually charges a proper amount, then look at 
> AAISP. You want 150GB at peak time? That'll cost you Â464.95 a month, and 
> a good chunk of that is going to BT as BT wholesale charge by the byte. 
> The rest goes to maintaining a 1:1 contention ratio inside their own 
> network.

I have been paying for it though, Â40 per month is a long way over the
average cost for ADSL. I have considered that fair as I use more than
average amounts of bandwidth. I do not want nor expect a 1:1 service as
you described further down. My connection isn't going flat out 24/7 and
I have no need for it to do so.

I think your comment was unfair, I do not expect to pay Â7.99 for some
consumer package and think its ok to cane the bits off it. Rob linked
UKFSN as a suggestion and as I mentioned in reply to that, it is more
expensive again than I pay currently but I can live with that, but
seriously Â56+Vat for the 2mbit I just about get is pretty darned
expensive, going back to Sweden as an example; a buddy there has 100Mbit
for 25E or something (with some calls package I believe).

This isn't Sweden I know and I can't have that, but we are paying
through the nose, for less, and still get limited, and apparently looked
down upon by peers for being "selfish". I'm as fair as I realistically
can be.

John Williams
My linux blog of notes and guides

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