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Re: [LUG] how come the list is quiet this week


On 17/07/10 23:21, Simon Waters wrote:
> Mark Evans wrote:
>> There's a rather useful website called filehippo.com which collates
>> together a lot of Windows stuff and has an application to check for
>> new versions of whatever you have installed.
> That is what the Secunia PSI does that I mentioned.

IIRC Secunia PSI points you to the software's website.
In some cases you then have to actually find how to actually get
the software.
> However it doesn't escape you from the pain of different install
> methods, or the security risks of depending on so many servers to
> provide updates.

Filehippo gives you a set of links to the setup executable, most of
which are on the filehippo.com web server.

Which is rather easier when you have Windows executables blocked
except from whitelisted sites.

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