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Re: [LUG] how come the list is quiet this week


On 16/07/10 20:16, Simon Waters wrote:
> Rob Beard wrote:
>> I was under the impression that IIS was included in Windows although it
>> still baffles me why anyone puts enough trust in something like this
>> running on Windows.
> As commented else where, included with doesn't mean licensed. IIS needs
> licences for authenticated users, which seems to be a perverse incentive

IIRC it's more that unauthenticated web connections are exempt from
Microsoft's requirement for each connecting device/user to have a CAL.

> not to integrate your application with the ADS service. I wonder if you
> do your own authentication if that counts.

AFAIK Microsoft would say you need a CAL regardless of how you did such
authentication regardless even if what web server you used.

>> Maybe it's just me but with my experience of Windows Servers and having
>> to schedule updates at stupid o'clock (working in radio, scheduling
>> playout system server reboots  in a 15 minute window between ads
>> playing) was frustrating to say the least, especially when I wasn't
>> being paid for it!
> Apart from their bizarre ability to "just go wrong" I find Windows
> servers infinitely more appealing than Windows Desktop machines. If I
> had a choice of which to replace first.....
> Sat down on Tuesday to do a simple test of a website in IE8, and two
> hours later I was still upgrading software on the box.
> Worse it occurred to me in between reboots, that the providers of
> Windows software actually have developed perverse incentives not to make
> Windows update nicely. They want to run their own updaters so they get
> paid to encourage you to have toolbars, and antivirus software you don't
> want (and in the later case wouldn't need if the installation process
> wasn't so crap).

There's a rather useful website called filehippo.com which collates
together a lot of Windows stuff and has an application to check for
new versions of whatever you have installed.

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