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Re: [LUG] how come the list is quiet this week


On Thu, 15 Jul 2010, Paul Sutton wrote:


Just wondered why the list was so quiet this week ?

Because no-ones been posting.

Not quite true though - I see about 25 or so messages posted this week!

It's been a funny old week here in Drogon Towers - quite busy which has been nice... One little task - making sure my systems "just work" with 3CX systems - a software PBX that (incredibly) runs on an MS Windows server platform... Not quite sure I'd trust my companys telephones to a Windows server, but 1000's do, apparently, so when they need VoIP <-> PSTN plumbing, I'm not going to say no...

They tell me 3CX needs an IIS server to work under too (for more than a trivial installation) - and when you put the licensing costs of that together with everything else, it costs more than one of my dedicated PBXs... But that's bizarely acceptable for some people...



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