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Re: [LUG] how come the list is quiet this week


On 16/07/10 09:06, Gordon Henderson wrote:
On Thu, 15 Jul 2010, Paul Sutton wrote:


Just wondered why the list was so quiet this week ?

Because no-ones been posting.

Not quite true though - I see about 25 or so messages posted this week!

It's been a funny old week here in Drogon Towers - quite busy which has
been nice... One little task - making sure my systems "just work" with
3CX systems - a software PBX that (incredibly) runs on an MS Windows
server platform... Not quite sure I'd trust my companys telephones to a
Windows server, but 1000's do, apparently, so when they need VoIP <->
PSTN plumbing, I'm not going to say no...

Ahh so if an admin accidentally clicks the "Windows Update needs to restart your computer, restart now?" button instead of "Remind Me Later" then not only does the server reboot, it takes the phone system down too :-)

I've only seen 3CX once, that was at Exeter FM. One of the last things I did there was a CloneZilla backup of the machine (Dell desktop PC running Windows XP Pro and 3CX). Annoying thing, being a radio station the phones needed to be available for the best part of 18 hours a day!

They tell me 3CX needs an IIS server to work under too (for more than a
trivial installation) - and when you put the licensing costs of that
together with everything else, it costs more than one of my dedicated
PBXs... But that's bizarely acceptable for some people...

I was under the impression that IIS was included in Windows although it still baffles me why anyone puts enough trust in something like this running on Windows. Sure if an Exchange server goes down it means e-mails might not be picked up for a while but at least the remote servers will keep trying to resend the e-mails at least for a little while, but if the phone lines go down, does that mean lost customers who can't be bothered to call back?

Maybe it's just me but with my experience of Windows Servers and having to schedule updates at stupid o'clock (working in radio, scheduling playout system server reboots in a 15 minute window between ads playing) was frustrating to say the least, especially when I wasn't being paid for it!

Still I can see if someone is paying you to connect your systems to 3CX then it's got to be worth doing if there is a fair few 3CX installations out there.


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