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Re: [LUG] Summary Todays Holsworthy Meeting - June 17th


On 17/07/10 20:49, Gordon Henderson wrote:
> If I had an 8 year old, I'd give them a toy like the Big Trak - there
> must be a modern equivalent?

There's the TTS Media "Bee-Bot" which is quite popular with primary

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Trak

There is also http://www.bigtrakuk.com/
> That was 31 years ago... Might make some effort into getting mine going
> again...

There were various projects to interface these with 80's era micro
computers. Especially given that you could attach a ZX81, ZX Spectrum,
Oric 1, etc to such a device without any trailing leads.

Unlike the BBC Buggy which was limited by its umbilical connection to
the computer.

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