IRSSI Configuration

What is IRSSI ?

IRSSI is a console based IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Client.  For the purpose of this quick guide I will assume you are using GNU / LINUX and specifically a Debian based distribution.

The Main IRSSI website is here.

To start off,l we need to install the client, I am going to use the console here,  but feel free to use software centre or synaptic.

To start off, I did a sanity check ,  opened a terminal and just typed irssi,  as you can see it is not installed.

irssi1i/network add -autosendcmd "/msg nickserv identify password ;wait 2000" Freenode

Therefore as per instructions i entered

isudo apt-get install irssi


This needs the root password,  As I am using xubuntu, then it asks for the password when I am logged in as myself.i



Let apt do its stuff and when it has finished you will be returned to the console.

Now we need to configure


The configuration file (plain text) is in .irssi  which due to the period (.) this is a hidden file so you can use cd .irssi

then doing ls

will give you one file in that directory called config.


HOWEVER I did a quick google search and found:

Which gave me everything i wanted to get set up (see later as I refer back up to this link)

So for the dcglug irc channel we need the following info

If you follow the steps on the above link and use your own information for nick / password etc you should be able to auto connect.

auto-connect to freenode

auto connect to #dcglug

auto id with nickserv and use your normal nick

Once in irssi uses alt-number-key to switch between the various screens so

alt-1 seems to be the freenode message window, look here for the welcome message to the freenode server.

alt 2 is the server status message window (where you get confirmation a command has worked) look here for confirmation you are logged in ok

alt-3 (for me at least ) is the actual channel window #dcglug

There is also the CHAT page and IRC pages on this website the latter has info on how to connect manually each time you open the client