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Re: [LUG] 'failed to set time'


On 07/12/17 18:20, lfs.mailing@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Thanks for the tips, I'll certainly include them in the plan of attack!
> My problem with this rsync script is that it is not backing up 'a'
> system, but a four-way dialogue between 5 users on 7 machines at 4
> different locations and 11 different backup operations (some of the
> machines act as internal backups for the others). So what was issued by
> the backup script as a simple
>       rsync -azcP --delete  -e ssh
> is locked down in the rsa key as
>       "rsync --server --sender
>       -vvlogDtprcze.iLsfx . /home/user1/Desktop/"
> and even increasing verbosity by a single -v will cause the
> remote host to reject the login. This is compounded by the need to
> strip the UID from the files when backing up to my machine so that I
> can scp 'lost' files to any of the users on any of the machines without
> changing its permissions. Nightmare. It took me two days just to get
> those rsa keys into shape.  I assumed that I had broken the rsync
> command structures in the keys for the machines whose backup operations
> were failing, and I'm rather tempted by the idea of rogue umasks, but
> my experience tells me that it is usually me wot dun it.
> But yes, thanks again for the tips.
> Best wishes
> fraser

Well, that serves me right for a slightly flippant answer I guess -
you're deep in rsnyc over ssh globbing land and dragons lurk there.

"-a" implies keeping permissions amongst other things as you'll already
know, at which point do you then strip out the UIDs? Are the perm errors
originating from specific users/machines by any chance?

This is going to be a pretty complicated fault finding job and I'd be
more than happy to provide a second pair of eyes on if it'll help.

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