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[LUG] 'failed to set time'


Hi All,

What does 'Failed to set time... operation not permitted' mean?

julian@Cerce ~ $ rsync -aAXv /media/julian/CASSIOPEIA /media/julian/ARTEMIS/ --delete --exclude={.Trash-1000}; rsync -aAXv /media/julian/DIANA /media/julian/ARTEMIS/ --delete --exclude={.Trash-1000}; rsync -aAXv /media/julian/PERSEPHONE /media/julian/ARTEMIS/ --delete --exclude={.Trash-1000}
sending incremental file list
rsync: failed to set times on "/media/julian/ARTEMIS/CASSIOPEIA": Operation not permitted (1)

The line is one I have used many times - it's backing up my NAS which I am doing every day to avoid it being a mammoth job every week. It went on to complete the backup but I wondered what the error meant.

Kind regards,


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