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Re: [LUG] Laptop problem


Clearing up some other bits of confusion whilst I'm at it...

On 05/12/17 20:11, Neil wrote:

>> what's the output of ssh -vvv neilwin@xxxxxxxxxxxx ?
>> fraser
> Here is the output as requested.
> neilwin @ /home/neilwin 5 Dec 2017 > ssh -vvv

> and no, I don't understand any of that,

This didn't work because you've clearly missed the actual arguments to
the command when copy/pasting... You've only done "ssh -vvv" which was
never going to work when you needed "ssh USER@HOST".

> Is it using system.d?

Where did this come from?! It's "systemd". Typographical rather than
technical nitpick but all the same.

> Where did ethX and wifiX go


We don't use crappy old kernel+udev naming conventions for interfaces
anymore, they're prone to naming collisions during setup and random
reallocation on hardware modification or VM/Container deployment.
Similarly we don't use /dev/sdX or /dev/hdX for hard drives any more
either - too dumb. We use UUIDs instead.

> ifconfig

This is basically deprecated now as part of the old nettools package so
get used to the new "ip" command. Ifconfig will eventually die completely.


> You need to log into your router, locate all the attached devices,
> write down their internal IP addresses, ping them

Unfortunately Neil has managed to lock himself out of his router and
needs to either reset it or break into it... Also, that sounds like a
very slow and cumbersome way of doing a port scan.

nmap -v -sP | grep -v down

Linux has the tools for absolutely everything you can think of including
a quick subnet probe, don't make things hard for yourselves!

> I don't know if it just me but I get two copies of all your emails to
> the list

Yeah, I sometimes have weird duplicate email issues with this list (and
only this list) but I can't be bothered to do anything about it,
especially as it seems to have stopped recently.

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