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Re: [LUG] 20170207 Cafe/Library WiFi connecting?


On 16/02/2017 13:56, Adrian Midgley via list wrote:
> Controlling my own domain my practice is to give companies called Fred
> fred@mydomain
> Seems to work, except the occasional person telling me that can't be right.

Similar practice.
I use a 'duff' anon AT mydomain DOT com  email (except when needed to be
opened, all incoming email automatically to dustbin) on one of my own
domain, where necessary.
It allows authentication message answer, and if ever needed can be used
to query that website.
However when long term email needed e.g. gas board etc I follow 'gas
board' AT my domain DOT com
Sometimes I include their customer number (always decimal no) in my
email address for them as a hex number, so if asked I can recall their
system ID for me
Eion MacDonald

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