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[LUG] 20170207 Cafe/Library WiFi connecting?


Dear folk,
20170207  Cafe/Library WiFi connecting?

I teach at local library to 'senior' folk on use of computers. Normally
on their machines (mostly Windows 7 or 10, some earlier) or on Library
Windows 7.
To demonstrate Linux to one user I took in my OpenSUSE leap 42.2 (old
Vista removed) laptop, which connects by WiFi easily at my house and
another family members's houses using WPA-PSK encryption key.

Library has system that you open browser and on trying to get to any new
tab/website it gives a log ion screen for user name and password.
The connection is encrypted.

However my OpenSUSE on browser opening failed to show their screen, but
I got a rapid (very rapid) 'connection disconnected' message.
Trying OpenSUSE forums shows there is 'sometimes ' a problem however
their solution does not appear to work.

Setting a new Wifi connection to SSID "Guest" (their site access name)
and 'open' (no encryption) as a connection, does not appear to help.

Have you any pointers?

I will try Live Knoppix or Puppy on my next visit in two weeks time.

Eion MacDonald

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