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[LUG] Follow up to the upgrades thread


I thought I had better put this on a new thread.. My reason for asking about upgrades previously was my confusion about upgrading libreoffice. I have had a lot of help, for which many thanks.

I have been thinking about this, and it has occurred to me that there may be a simpler way, for me at least.

I do use libreoffice, but only writer and calc. Perhaps that is overkill. I could perhaps use a couple of stand alone packages instead. In the past I have use the gnumeric spreadsheet which,for me, would be fine. My spreadsheets are not complicated at all, nothing fancy, so that should be OK. So I have downloaded it and will look at using it instead of calc.

What I would like please, is suggestions for replacing writer. I don't need anything complicated, the most would be some tables. So if anyone has any suggestions please? Oh, not abiword, I don't get on with that one at all.

Thanks for any help, again. And this time I will remember, my distro is Xubuntu 16.04 LTS.



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