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Re: [LUG] 20170207 Cafe/Library WiFi connecting?


On 07/02/17 15:29, Eion MacDonald via list wrote:
> Dear folk,
> 20170207  Cafe/Library WiFi connecting?
> I teach at local library to 'senior' folk on use of computers. Normally
> on their machines (mostly Windows 7 or 10, some earlier) or on Library
> Windows 7.
> To demonstrate Linux to one user I took in my OpenSUSE leap 42.2 (old
> Vista removed) laptop, which connects by WiFi easily at my house and
> another family members's houses using WPA-PSK encryption key.
> Library has system that you open browser and on trying to get to any new
> tab/website it gives a log ion screen for user name and password.
> The connection is encrypted.
> However my OpenSUSE on browser opening failed to show their screen, but
> I got a rapid (very rapid) 'connection disconnected' message.
> Trying OpenSUSE forums shows there is 'sometimes ' a problem however
> their solution does not appear to work.
> Setting a new Wifi connection to SSID "Guest" (their site access name)
> and 'open' (no encryption) as a connection, does not appear to help.
> Have you any pointers?
> I will try Live Knoppix or Puppy on my next visit in two weeks time.

Uh oh, the dreaded captive portal issue. These things suck at the best
of time and frequently don't play nicely with Linux. With OpenSUSE I
take it you're using network-manager as your management tool for wifi?

Take a look here to save me typing out something similar:


In short, you might have to prod it with wireshark a little to see
exactly what kind of redirect it's attempting to perform on you. Easier
would be to try and connect to the SSID first via network-manager and
then, before you try and actually access the network, look at what
ifconfig/ ip addr/etc tell you has happened to your network setup. See
if you can ping out, or if your resolvconf has updated properly.

As ever, one step at a time and a bit of logic and perseverance will
usually get to the bottom of it. Report back for further help if required.

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