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Re: [LUG] 20170207 Cafe/Library WiFi connecting?


On Thu, 16 Feb 2017 10:59:49 +0000
"Tremayne, Steve via list" <list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Steve via list,

>I use mailinator ... then if anything has to be emailed to you (like a

As time passes, more and more places are getting wise to mailinator (and
their ilk).  IOW, they don't allow such obviously disposable addresses
to be used, because they can't mail you for evermore.  Not that I've
come across any hotel (or coffee shop, bar, etc.) hotspots that have the

Of course, the types of organisations that won't allow disposable
addresses are probably the very ones you're tying to avoid.  So, all in
all, it's win-win.   :-)

 Regards  _
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