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Re: [LUG] 20170207 Cafe/Library WiFi connecting?


On 09/02/2017 09:22, Adrian Midgley via list wrote:
> Is (libre)Office noticeably better in the latest version?
> It seems to work for me in Debian Jessie, as much as I want

There was a bug in printing out 'logos' of art work within headers on
such as invoices in 5.2.xx versions.[On some printers appeared a black
square in mono printing]  (Not on earlier versions).
After reporting as bug this was solved  and solution is in 5.3 versions.
This was only noticeable difference, (as I raised bug on 5.2 version)
in normal use of calc and writer, but I do not do much 'fancy' work on
Eion MacDonald

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