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Re: [LUG] upgrades, part two


On 09/02/17 08:40, Neil via list wrote:
> Since I use xfce as my desktop I subscribe to the xfce user list.
> Regularly there are messages about some programs or packages which now
> have a new version available, and they always take the form as I showed
> in my email. I have never understood how to use them. That is really
> what I was asking. it isn't an error message, it is an update message.

I should have thought of that, that didn't seem like any apt message I'd
ever seen after all... You could definitely just regard those emails as
information rather than something you reasonably want to act upon in the
future: whilst you could start downloading and compiling the upstream
sources yourself apart from a (fun) learning exercise there's not really
anything to gain.

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