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Re: [LUG] OT: Dragon Naturally Speaking


On 30/01/14 20:43, bad apple wrote:
On 30/01/14 20:31, Mark Croft wrote:
is there any alternative too DNS? will there ever be one that works with
linux? or some sort of web-based solution that actually affordable? people
are told this stuff works and then its mare to get working. OAP seem to
think computers are able to do voice rec and the few i had to deal with
just think i am making up the complex nature of the solutions aka DNS
nice too see that it not the plain sailing solution we all lead to believe.
my sister had nightmare time with DNS at college in coventry.

she now use ipad with app can't remember name but seems quite good.

she just types up the stuff and lets somebody else proof read it and make
it into english now.

Windows and Mac OSX both have surprisingly good speech recognition baked
right into the OS, and in the mobile world both iOS and Android of
course have it as well.
I was given DNS Professional when I was going to do an MSc at a local university, but they cancelled both courses I applied for. Luckily for me they cancelled so late I'd already been given the equipment my Disabled Student Assessment had recommended, and as it was their fault I was allowed to keep it all.

Before I installed it though, I did try out Word's built-in voice recognition but it was pretty inaccurate off the bat, maybe 30% right. Obviously it would have improved with training over time, but when I installed DNS it was about 60% accurate with just the installation training, and now is down to an error rate of about 10%. Not bad considering I've only used it in total probably less than a day, albeit that spread over a week or so.


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