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Re: [LUG] OT: Dragon Naturally Speaking


On 30/01/14 20:31, Mark Croft wrote:
> is there any alternative too DNS? will there ever be one that works with
> linux? or some sort of web-based solution that actually affordable? people
> are told this stuff works and then its mare to get working. OAP seem to
> think computers are able to do voice rec and the few i had to deal with
> just think i am making up the complex nature of the solutions aka DNS
> nice too see that it not the plain sailing solution we all lead to believe.
> my sister had nightmare time with DNS at college in coventry.
> she now use ipad with app can't remember name but seems quite good.
> she just types up the stuff and lets somebody else proof read it and make
> it into english now.

Windows and Mac OSX both have surprisingly good speech recognition baked
right into the OS, and in the mobile world both iOS and Android of
course have it as well.

Your choices for FLOSS alternatives are poor - there is a reason why
Dragon is unfortunately so expensive and it's because it Just Works
(tm). There quite simply isn't an alternative for Linux worth speaking
of, apart from:

1: Platypus (a shim for Dragon+Wine on Linux)
2: Freespeech (never personally tried it)

Apart from extensive accidental experience with Dragon, I've no interest
in speech recognition software - it'll never keep up with my typing
speed anyway and I'm lucky enough to have the use of both my hands,
despite carpal tunnel syndrome's best efforts.



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