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[LUG] OT: Dragon Naturally Speaking


 Hi All,

I hope someone has experience with this software, because I have about 200 pages of handwriting to dictate and DNS has decided to screw up and won't unscrew itself despite threats of violence - I've been on it an hour or so and thoroughly lost my temper with it.

I was happily dictating into MS Word when suddenly all my dictation came out in pink underlined italics with a bright green background. I deleted all the offending text and tried again, with the same result. An hour or so later having closed both programs, scoured the Help and Settings dialogues, in desperation I have had to create a new profile, and this seems to have fixed the problem. However the old one has /lots/ of training in it and it's going to be a /major/ pain in the proverbial if i have to start again from scratch. Does anyone know of a setting in DNS where I can fix the original profile please?



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