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Re: [LUG] VDSL Router


On Thu, 09 Jan 2014 08:57:29 +0000, Neil Winchurst <barnaby@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> On 08/01/14 17:33, Rob Beard wrote:
>> Well the new Draytek Vigor 2860n supports both ADSL and VDSL but it's
>> not cheap (about 240 quid IIRC).
> Too much for me.

Yep they are pretty pricey, but I've found them to be pretty good. 
Personally for my own use I'd probably get something a bit cheaper.

>> If you're getting an engineer to install the FTTC for you it gives you
>> loads more choice. You'd then be able to get a "cable" router which is
>> basic router with an Ethernet WAN port rather than an ADSL modem
>> (although I did find recently some of the newer ADSL routers can be
>> configured to turn one of their LAN ports to be turned into a WAN port
>> (I've seen this on a Netgear DG2200n I believe, it's 40 quid in PC
>> right now).
> I have a Netgear router at the moment. so I will check that one out.

Just bear in mind the Netgear one I've mentiond is an ADSL modem with the
WAN port capability.  You'd probably be better getting a cable router.

That TP-Link one mentioned looks pretty good, seems a reasonable balance
of features and price.  The TP-Link kit I've used seems to be pretty

>> Sent from my Sinclair ZX Spectrum
> You are kidding, right?

Yep, it's my phone signature.  Got fed up with the generic "Sent from my
iPhone" etc signatures.  I wanted something different. :-)

Although, I did see once that someone had made a network interface for a
Spectrum +3 and developed a twitter client so the +3 could tweet.  Then
there's that C64 web server out on the Internet ;-)


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