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Re: [LUG] flash - which distro


On Tue, 7 Jan 2014 18:19:22 +0000
bad apple <mr.meowski@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello bad,

>Sorry, I probably should have made that clearer.

Not a problem;  I though I'd simply missed the details from a previous

>If you can be bothered, it's a quick test - you can grab the latest
>build from here: http://nightly.mozilla.org/

I may well give it a bash.  Warnings about running it & a regular copy of
FF and potential config clashes duly noted.  Running stuff like this
doesn't bother in the slightest.  On the contrary, it gets the
adrenaline pumping.  It take me back to what computing used to be like
in the good 'ole 8 bit days.

 Regards  _
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