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Re: [LUG] Electrical storm, recommendations for a printer/scanner


On Sun 05/01/14,12:15, Simon Waters wrote:
> If location makes it a major problem then using a cheap wireless
> router will protect more expensive devices from the phone line being
> struck. I've just bought a wireless printer. BT has some protection in
> the phone sockets, but it is minimal, you can buy expensive kit to try
> and help but nearby strikes will defeat pretty much any simple
> wiring/circuitry solution. 

I haven't had practical experience with strikes so far (touch wood), but are you 
saying that
those power strips advertised as surge protective don't do much in
They often have a line in/out as well as the usual power plugs, meaning
that if worst happens you replace the powerstrip only, or a fuse within,
rather than whatever devices were connected.


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