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Re: [LUG] Electrical storm, recommendations for a printer/scanner


>> 2)  On the assumption that a surge due to the electrical storm blew the
>>   network card via the phone line
>>   -   What system can I use to protect the phone line from future
>>       problems
> Unplug everything - is the solution employed by friends of mine on Dartmoor...

I had a read around. 

When I was at the Met Office I read some research about lightning and 
electromagnetic media, at the time the question was how safe are back-up tapes in a 
metal framed building that receives a direct lightning strike. The conclusion was, 
fairly safe, but error correcting codes are a good thing for backups.

More practical questions addressed by Mythbusters include phone use, and showers do 
indeed carry risks from nearby lightning strikes. No I mean using the phone or 
taking a shower.

If location makes it a major problem then using a cheap wireless router will protect 
more expensive devices from the phone line being struck. I've just bought a wireless 
printer. BT has some protection in the phone sockets, but it is minimal, you can buy 
expensive kit to try and help but nearby strikes will defeat pretty much any simple 
wiring/circuitry solution. 

Costwise TV Ariels the hard one to defeat till all my viewing is over the web. 
Meantime insurance.....
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