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Re: [LUG] New tablet computer


On 03/01/14 17:12, bad apple wrote:
On 03/01/14 17:06, Neil wrote:

Thanks for all the info. I will have a look at it all, although whether
I will be allowed to actually do anything is another matter.
At the moment I am just about allowed to be in the same room!! As for
actually touching it .... no chance.

Ha, that's exactly how it went with us too! After unboxing and initial
setup, which I did on Xmas Eve while she was still at work and unable to
interfere, I literally haven't touched it again. I noticed today that
for the first time I can remember, she left the MacBook at home and left
for the hospital with just her iPad.

Don't worry too much about the jailbreak aspect - from my perspective,
it's a necessity but I obviously have very different priorities as a
professional paranoid from either of our significant others, who chiefly
just want to use their new gadget.

I may be too late, but I recommend that your missus creates a new
throwaway account initially to experiment with.


Yes, too late, she is having a play now having set up herself as a user. I am quietly sitting there doing a crossword!!


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